Annual Parish Meeting May 2022


Minutes of the annual parish meeting held on Wednesday, 4th May 2022 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Present: S. Hudson (Chairman); N. Hunton; T. Robinson; S. Howdin; J. Hoyle; C. Read & S. Lamming.

In attendance: District Cllr O. Bierley ; County Cllr T. Smith; Cllr A. Lawrence, P. Morris, the Clerk.

Apologies: B. Moor, S. Bedford. 


To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held on 12th May 2021: The minutes were signed as a true record.


Chairman's report: Following the disruption of meetings during 2020/21, due to corona virus, this period has been free from interruptions, so the council has been able to make Steady progress. The council did not need to raise the precept for this period, due to having strong reserves.

The council has continued to receive strong support from our two West Lindsey councillors Owen Bierley and Angela Laurance .Cllr T. Smith became our new LCC representative following a successful election. Helen Pitman remains our very knowledgeable clerk.

Grass cutting has been a problem since the retirement of the Pottertons, who carried out a good job. Glendale were appointed, and started well, but their performance deteriorated during the year, so a decision was taken to terminate their services. Currently A.J. Williams are contracted, performance still to be assessed.

The local history project, led by Cllr. John Hoyle, was in gestation for most of this period. A great deal of detailed research was required in order to reach the best content, and placement of the four notice boards. This has now been achieved. Well done to all.  Finance for this project was shared evenly between the council, and a grant from W.L.D.C.

Despite their being consistent alarm that there is no bus service to the village, the council or our representatives, have not been able to make progress on this issue. This remains on-going.

The village pond receives high praise from visitors, and remains the focal point of the village, remaining important to villagers. Its maintenance costs are high, and are likely to remain so in the immediate future, control of the blanket weed which surfaces during warm weather being difficult to eradicate.

Finally, the council was pleased to be able to participate with WLDC to be part of the tree planting initiative of the Queens Green Canopy project, as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  The sapling is growing well.


Responsible Financial Officer's Report: Income for the year totalled £9827.71 which included the precept figure of £9450. Expenditure was £11002.87. Reserves carried forward to this financial year are £6017.87 which includes earmarked reserves of £960 for computer equipment received as a grant from NALC in 2017/18. The accounts have been audited by Cassells accountants at Market Rasen.


Open meeting: Mr Lamming asked that the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations at the village hall be advertised on Facebook and the website.

Mr Hunton asked how the village hall finances were.

Mr Lamming replied they are healthy due to the receipt of covid grants but bookings are down and costs up mainly due to heating bills.

Mr Hunton asked whether the committee needed any financial help from the parish council.

Mr Lamming replied not at present but that he would like to see the council, church and village hall working together for the benefit of the community and that new members were needed.

Mr Hunton said this was a major problem.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.25pm.