May 2022


Minutes of the annual meeting held on Wednesday, 12th May 2021 after the annual parish meeting in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs S. Hudson (Chairman); S. Howdin, N. Hunton, T. Robinson, J Hoyle and C. Read.

In attendance: District Cllrs O. Bierley & A. Lawrence; County Cllr T. Smith; the Clerk.


1. To elect a chairman: S. Hudson. Proposed, Cllr Hunton. Seconded, Cllr Hoyle. Elected

2. Apologies for absence and reasons given: Cllrs B. Moor (holiday), S. Bedford (work).

3. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011: None 

4. To elect a vice chairman: B. Moor. Proposed, Cllr Hudson. Seconded, Cllr Hoyle. Elected.

5. To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held on 2nd March 2022: The minutes were signed as a true record. 

6. Chairman & Council's comments: Further to item 12 and the annual parish meeting, council discussed the village hall’s jubilee event and expressed the wish to donate £50 to buy the cake. To be ratified at the next meeting. Agenda


7.  Clerk's Report on matters outstanding: No progress has been made with repair of the collapsed drain on the A18 and although jetting of the village drains has been carried out there is still flooding on Brickyard which needs investigating. Both the clerk and Cllr Smith to report to LCC highways for action.


8. LCC Report: Cllr Smith reported that the ongoing issues with highways was mainly due to the contractor having gone into liquidation. He said he would like to arrange a walkabout with council to ascertain what highways work is needed to be done. To be arranged with the chairman.

The chairman asked about progress with the bus service but there has been no take up by the bus company to further meetings. Cllrs Smith, Bierley and Lawrence are still pressing on the issue but are in a weak position as regards negotiation.  


9. WLDC Report: Cllr Bierley's report was circulated prior to the meeting. He gave an update on the council tax energy rebate and asked that people who don’t pay their council tax bills by direct debit are urged to apply for the rebate 

Discussion took place re waste collection and item 19 was brought forward.

19. To discuss West Lindsey recycling/bin collection: Although council raised concern that the number of blue bin collections has been reduced and the contamination issue with the new purple bin, Cllr Bierley assured them that there are few problems as long as residents get the sorting right.


10. Finance: to approve accounts and Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2022

a) Execute Annual Governance Statement: Executed and duly signed.

b) To approve Statement of Accounts: Approved and duly signed.

c) Execute Certificate of Exemption: Executed and duly signed.

d) Execute Review of effectiveness of internal audit: The report from Cassells, internal auditor, was given to council which stated no areas of concern. Executed.  

Accounts for payment: Resolved to pay: H Pitman £577.49; DAB Graphics £2235.60; Foxhall Construction £720; AJ Williams £336.


11. Renewal of insurance policy and review inventory of assets: The clerk confirmed that the asset register has been increased to £18377 to include the interpretation panels. The insurers have been informed but have waived the increase to the premium for this year. Council agreed renewal with Zurich Municipal at a cost of £429.67.                                                                                                                              


12 & 13.To review standing orders and financial regulations: Reviewed. 


14.  To review code of conduct: Council adopted the new West Lindsey District Council code.


15. Planning: To comment on any applications received: None.


16. To discuss whether the Neighbourhood Plan needs updating: Cllr Hunton informed council that the Neighbourhood Plan is in line with the Central Lincs Local Plan however it was agreed that a meeting be arranged with the Brocklesby Estate to discuss the possibility of future availability of land for development to encourage younger families into the village and the ongoing closure of the village pub.

Also the highways issues relating to Church Lane and the A18 to be brought up at the meeting with Cllr Smith with a view to progressing. 

The chairman raised concern re overgrown footways and although an LCC responsibility it was agreed he will ask the grass contractor for a quote to clear.


17.  To discuss & resolve on ongoing pond maintenance: Council resolved to continue with the pondweed control for another year.


18. To discuss repair to bus stop roof:  The chairman reported that on refitting a loose tile he had discovered that the laths and roofing felt are rotten and need replacing. He will request a quote for repair. To be resolved at the next meeting. Agenda


20. To finalise the village history project: Cllr Hoyle said that the project has now come to fruition and that he was pleased with the quality of the boards. All agreed.

The clerk informed council that to satisfy WLDC to finalise the awarding of the grant it has been confirmed that £500 will be set aside in the budget for maintenance/replacement of the boards. The chairman and clerk duly signed the grant acceptance form to draw down the amount of £2240.


                  The meeting closed at 8.59pm