May 2023


Minutes of the annual meeting held on Wednesday, 10th May 2023 after the annual parish meeting in the Village Hall.

Present: Cllrs S. Hudson (Chairman); S. Christmas, J Hoyle, B. Moor and C. Read.

In attendance: District Cllrs O. Bierley; County Cllr T. Smith; the Clerk.


1. To elect a chairman: S. Hudson. Proposed, Cllr Moor. Seconded, Cllr Hoyle. Elected

2. Co-option of councillors: Tim Robinson. Proposed, Cllr Hudson. Seconded, Cllr Hoyle. Elected.

Sam Bedford. Proposed, Cllr Hudson. Seconded, Cllr Hoyle. Elected. One vacancy remains.

3. Apologies for absence and reasons given: None.

4. To receive declarations of interest in accordance with the Localism Act 2011: None 

5. To elect a vice chairman: B. Moor. Proposed, Cllr Hudson. Seconded, Cllr Bedford. Elected.

6. To approve the Minutes of the last meeting held on 1st March 2023: The minutes were signed as a true record. 

7. Chairman & Council's comments: The chairman welcomed newly elected Cllr Christmas and co-opted members to the council. He reported that the long awaited illuminated sign on the A18 is almost complete. Cllr Christmas raised her concerns about speeding, particularly on entering the village. However, the chairman stated that the council had done as much as it can for the moment.


8.  Clerk's Report on matters outstanding: Information on Call Connect app was given and to be displayed on the notice board and Facebook.


9. LCC Report: Cllr Smith asked whether there had been any flooding issues on Brickyard following the heavy rain today. Council felt there were still issues despite LCC undertaking work. Cllr Smith to report. There is still a problem with road flooding at Town End House. Cllr Smith to report.  


10. WLDC Report: Cllr Bierley's report was circulated prior to the meeting. He informed council that due to covid Great Limber remains West Lindsey’s town/parish council of the year. He advised that events may be promoted on the WLDC website, together with the Think Local for businesses. Three new grants are now available for any community/business related project. All of the money must be spent by February 2025.


11. Finance: to approve accounts and Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2023

a) Execute Annual Governance Statement: Executed and duly signed.

b) To approve Statement of Accounts: Approved and duly signed.

c) Execute Certificate of Exemption: Executed and duly signed.

d) Execute Review of effectiveness of internal audit: The report from Cassells, internal auditor, was given to council which stated no areas of concern. Executed.  

Accounts for payment: Resolved to pay: H Pitman £570.70; Cassells £84; AJ Williams £504.


12. Renewal of insurance policy and review inventory of assets: The clerk confirmed that the asset register has been reviewed. Council agreed renewal with Zurich Municipal at a cost of £504.67.                                                                            

13 & 14. To review standing orders and financial regulations: Updated documents approved. 


15. Planning: To comment on any applications received: None.


16. To discuss proposal for a community orchard: Cllr Hoyle’s proposal circulated to councillors prior to meeting. He said the main point is the need for land as the parish council does not own any. As Brocklesby Estate owns the majority of the land in the village council to initiate talks. Clerk to write a letter suggesting the Millennium field in the first instance.



17.  To discuss support for village hall waste management scheme: Council approached by the Village Hall committee to fund the cost of a WLDC communal waste bin at a cost of £228p.a. Whilst Cllr Christmas was of the opinion that it would be preferable to lots of bags attracting vermin, Cllr Hoyle said he would like to know more about the committee’s financial position. It was agreed that a representative be invited to the next meeting to discuss further. agenda


18. To discuss a long term solution to pond blanket weed problem:  The chairman reported that this is an ongoing problem and costs the council a considerable amount of money. Using straw bales as an effective way of clearing was suggested by Cllr Bedford. The chairman to contact Creative Nature to discuss options and report back to council. Agenda  


19. To resolve on a site for WLDC information board: Council resolved to erect in the bus shelter.


 The meeting closed at 8.32pm